full-cycle game development process


Learn how our game development outsourcing process works
and find out why you should outsource us today!




We take the time to research game design and understand precisely what you’re looking for.
Starting from wireframe creation through core and meta loop analysis,
with proper gameplay algorithm we establish a personalized plan for your project that guide us to the final product.
We get to grips with your chosen game platform, target audience, genre, and budget,
making sure we’re closely familiar with your goals and needs.
Depending on the scope of the project and its complexity, our artists will create concept art,
 and sketches how the game should and will look like.
This helps us understand each other, and make sure we are on the same page.
We only move into game production once you’re happy with the plan and wireframes we outline.


This is when the fun really starts! We begin building your digital entertainment using our years of experience in the game industry.


Once we move into production, our developers will start creating an early prototype version of the game that will give essential initial feedback on a gameplay experience.
This will help us to further adjust physics, game mechanics, and test it while our designers prepare the necessary graphic elements.
While we explore different values and settings, we take your feedback on board and move forward towards the finish line.


Our designers will start working on key graphic elements of the game, covering each section from the user interface, 2D and 3D graphics over the sound, particles, and user experience.
We start combining design with the early prototype as soon as possible after each asset is made so we can test and cover any possible error that can occur during the design and development phase.
We can guarantee that our assets are following the latest game industry standards!


After each required piece is made we import it into the project and test, develop a complete game, create levels, tweak animations, code particles, effects, and sounds.
In this section, we are creating a final game from the drawn wireframes and concept graphics, optimizing it for different platforms, and adjusting it according to your feedback and our suggestion.
When we’re satisfied with the result, if there’s a client’s request, we import the potential frameworks as advertisement or event tracking services.



Before launching the game, each member of our team will get their hands on the game, play it and test it, report issues and potential problems.
Depending on the scope of the project we can assign a professional game tester that will put the game to the various test so we can properly balance it and fix potential issues even before the launch section.
The most beautiful video game in the world is worthless if it doesn’t run properly. 
During this stage, we iron out every bug and irregularity we find.
Sometimes games give players unintended advantages that undermine your intended way to play which can backfire with negative results such as decreased game earnings or negative reviews.
Our tests are designed to identify and eliminate these potential exploits.


After we create a game that you can be proud of, we prepare a proper store listing including art, feature graphics, description, and all other key elements.
After publishing your game, we wait for the reviews to roll in!


It’s not uncommon for video games to launch with batches of minor bugs.
We offer full support after game release if something like this occurs, we’ll fix potential minor bugs and balance the game.

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